the consortium

The Consorzio Cooperative Costruzioni is one of the largest groups in the domestic building sector »

our history

The Consorzio Cooperative Costruzioni was founded in 1912 under the name: Consorzio fra le cooperative di birocciai, carrettieri ed affini della provincia di Bologna »

executive management

Look at the executive management of the Consortium »


Look at the organization of the Consortium »


Besides the image and prestige of its name, built up through the past, the Consorzio Cooperative Costruzioni may boast many strengths, also for the future »

MIITT/soa certificates

Protos SOA has attested that Consorzio Cooperative Costruzioni has been qualified for both design and execution of the construction activities specified herebelow. »


The nature and vocation of the Consorzio Cooperative Costruzioni may be summed up in two main objectives... »

our associates

In this section it is possible to look over all the cooperatives associated to the Consorzio Cooperative Costruzioni. »


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