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The Consorzio Cooperative Costruzioni is one of the largest groups in the domestic building sector.

The originality of the CCC - and the reason for its success over the last few decades - lies in the fact that it is a consortium of cooperatives, with its own corporate personality, which acts in complete autonomy to procure contracts from public and private clients and purchase goods and services on behalf of its members.

In nearly one hundred years of activity, the CCC has successfully pursued the mission assigned it by the cooperatives: to operate according to the principles of mutual aid with the aim of enhancing the technical and market capacities of the member cooperatives and, at the same time, to achieve a standing as one of the largest and most qualified contractors in the Italian construction sector.

It has over 230 members, which operate in the building sector, transport sector, service sector, industrial sector and building materials sector.

Its members include both large national cooperatives and small and medium-sized cooperatives: overall they provide over 20,000 jobs and generate a yearly turnover of more than 5 billion Euro.

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