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The nature and vocation of the Consorzio Cooperative Costruzioni may be summed up in two main objectives: to provide a wide array of services to member cooperatives and play a prominent entrepreneurial role in the building market.
Given the focus on this dual mission, it was deemed appropriate to distinguish between the operational sectors (purchasing and works), within an unitary quality management system.

The Quality System of the Purchasing Sector has been certified in conformity with standard ISO 9001:2000 (first issue on November 12th, 1996, when it was still Acam).
The Quality System of the Works Sector too has been certified in conformity with standard ISO 9001:2000 (first issue on October 21st, 1999).
All certifications were issued by the ICIC, Istituto per la Certificazione delle Imprese di Costruzione (Certifying Institute of Construction Companies), with reference to EA sector 28; both certificates are available for look over/download.

The Environmental Management System too has been certified by ICIC with reference to ISO 14001 standard.

The Quality System of a relevant number of Cooperatives associated to our Consortium has already been certified in compliance with the ISO 9000 standard. Herebelow it is possible to look over/download the list of these Cooperatives:

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